Outbreak Of Covid 19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has broken out in an epidemic from all over the world.Corona virus disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.It was first identified in Wuhan city,Hubei Province,China on 31 December 2019.
In Bangladesh, it was first reported on 8 March 2020 by the country’s epidemiology Institute, IEDCR.Since then,the pandemic has affected people has been increasing.In order to protect the population, the government declared “lockdown” throughout the nation from 23 March to 30 May and prepared some necessary steps to spread awarness to keep this syndrome away from them.
According to the health report, everyday 1200-1250 persons are inflected by COVID-19.The situation is getting worse day by day.The adverse effect of the infection has already turn into an epidemic form.Govt has take necessary measures. Most of the people arenot aware maintaining the rules of health.

They arenot willing to use masks. They donot follow social distance.They donot avoid crowd.Rather they rush to public places such as market places,in the business and in the train etc.
Common symptoms of Covid-19 include fever,cough,fatigue,breathing difficulties and lose of smell and taste.Symtoms begin one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus.COVID-19 mainly spreads through the air when people are near each other long enough, primarily via small droplets or aerosols,as an infected person breaths,coughs,sneezes,sing or speaks.Transmission via formalities has not been conclusively demonstrated.It can spread as early as two days before infected person’s showing symtoms and from asymptometric (no symtom) individuals.People remain infectious for up to tan days in moderate cases,and two weeks in severe casea.Preventive measures include social dostancing,quarantining,ventilation of indoor spaces,covering cough and sneezes,hand washing and keeping unwashed hands away from the face.The use of face masks or coverings has been recommended in public setting to minimise the risk of transmission.
At present,the government of the country is starting to distribute free vaccines to the public more than 25 years.
At the same time,vaccination has been made compulsory among those working in various government and non-government organisations in the country,morever this rulse are also applicable to university students.
The raising of consciousness among people can prevent this pandemic,otherwise we’ll not be able to control this COVID-19.

Written by: Nusrat Jahan Nishat.
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